We believe that you can provide high style without high prices.  Your tenants and buyers will thank you for their beautiful new homes.


Affordable materials

With over 15 years of experience sourcing and building in the New York area, we've amassed a network of affordable vendors who can source the interiors you've always dreamed of providing.  Hardwood cabinets, quartz countertops, high-end appliances, and beautiful tiles, are all within reach to a savvy developer.  Gone are the days of builder standard, a new bar has been set and it is accessible luxury.

smart homes for smart people

Smart homes aren't just for rich people anymore, a small investment up front can provide your tenants with all the tools they need to manage utility expenses, efficiency, and comfort.  From smart locks to smart thermostats, we've done the installation and integration and we can help you achieve a higher level of intelligence in your projects.

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