We can help you start or grow your real estate investment portfolio.  We know the right neighborhoods, property types, and investment strategies.


Where to Invest

The Bronx has over 60 individual neighborhoods, all with their own cultural and economic attributes that fit different investment strategies.  From the wealthier Riverdale, to the grittier Hunts Point, we can point you in the right direction.

Connecticut is rapidly becoming the hottest tourist destination on the eastern seaboard, and the resort and casino development projects have created pockets of opportunity around the state.



We're fans of minimizing our investor's personal risk, and maximizing available programs and funding opportunities to spend less and make more.  It's all about figuring out your own unique risk profile, and understanding the ratios you need to adopt to get the most bang for your buck.  We can help you with creative financing solutions, from hard money to boutique mortgages.



Sometimes opportunities come along that require immediate action.  After all, they're not called "once-in-a-lifetime" for nothing.  Other opportunities are best waiting on, to let a market mature, a price drop, or a similar deal close to increase your profit or your valuation.  We've got our finger on the pulse of the Bronx market, and we can help you navigate the industry at just the right time.



One of the great secrets to powerful investing, is that there is strength in numbers.  By combining your investment capital with other savvy investors, you can participate in bigger projects and increase your chances of turning a healthy profit.  Whether you're looking for a flat interest rate for putting your money to work, or a greater involvement by becoming a partner in a large development project, we have built a network of investors just like you and we can help you leverage the power of combined capital to reap the ultimate real estate rewards.

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