two-unit waterfront, bronx, new york

We purchased this building as an occupied auction, and the tenants destroyed everything they could on their way out.  From the lights, to the pipes, to the windows, to the walls, this project included a full renovation as well as reconfiguration.  It required creative financing since you can't get a traditional mortgage on an auction property, and a meticulous attention to legal details throughout the process of taking possession.  The building is 3,500 sqft. and the buyers wanted a high-end luxury design for their unit, as well as their rental.  The final implementation turned out even better than the renders, and we are extremely proud of the work we did here.


This beautiful building sat vacant for seven long years, and had more wallpaper than any of us had ever seen.  Every room of the 2,300 sqft property was wallpapered and painted in a different colorful, floral, out-dated design, and dirty brown, green, and purple carpeting.  Thankfully we found lovely original hardwood floors beneath, and with a little bit of restoration and a lot of sanding, waxing, and elbow grease, this property emerged at the end as a breathtaking single family home, that stands out as the prettiest building on the block.


This project required a gut rehab of all five units, including the creation of two new apartments in the massive unfinished basement.  The family that purchased it now enjoys a sprawling first floor three-bedroom apartment with gorgeous marble bathrooms and kitchen, as well as the security of consistent rental income and a guest apartment for their elderly parents.