Since 2015, we have helped investors join the revitalization real estate revolution by providing insight, strategy, and capital to their investment portfolios.


Our Mission

We grew up in the Bronx, and we know the neighborhoods, the people, and the opportunities that this beautiful borough holds.  The Bronx is exploding, and our goal is to contribute to the positive changes that are happening to an area that was once the most destitute part of New York City.  Through strategic investments and gentrification projects, The Bronx now has the opportunity to become a lucrative real estate market, without disrupting its communities and families.  We bridge the gap, and we can help you get there too.

In addition to our hometown, we've also started investing and helping other investors take on revitalization projects throughout upstate New York and Connecticut.  There are so many beautiful, historic communities, that just need a little bit of outside development to get them back to their greatest potential again.

This is the next great place to live and I don’t want to be
the developer who said I could have bought this 10 years ago.
— Keith Rubenstein, Somerset Partners