Smart, passionate, ambitious young real estate professionals with careers in talent development, construction, technology, and media.


We founded Stackstone Group as a way to connect our network of small and large investors into a powerful collaboration of projects and investments.  We bring small investors together with large ones, and organize, promote, manage, and broker deals that range from a few hundred thousand to a few million.  We like to buy and hold, and buy and flip.  We're not afraid of occupied properties and we love a good REO.  But more than anything, we love communities.

Our People

Randy Persaud

Chief Executive Officer

With a career background in human resources, and having previously run his own construction companies working on multi-million dollar Manhattan development projects, a transition into real estate investment was a natural progression for Randy.  He was born and raised in the Bronx, and looks forward to playing a part in helping his home town grow.

Sara Robertson

Chief Operating Officer

Sara relocated from California and spent her first years in New York paying sky-high rents in the West Village.  When she met Randy he convinced her that the Bronx was where she should be, and she hasn't looked back since then.  A professional computer programmer, public speaker, and media professional, Sara runs the operational side of Stackstone.

Kevin Romero

Chief Revenue Officer

An engineer by trade in the field of Information Security, Kevin began his professional real estate career in upstate New York.  After several years of success and a native to NYC, Kevin and his family relocated back to the Bronx with a goal of utilizing lessons learned in real estate within the NYC metro area. As CRO, Kevin is responsible for the research & acquisition of project funding, using an extensive network of professionals spanning verticals and industries.

Victoria Romero

Chief Marketing Officer

Born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, Victoria experienced NYC apartment style living for years until purchasing her first home in her 20's. It was then that she discovered the world of real estate and decided to further invest in property. With a background in communication/journalism, human service administration and higher education, Victoria manages the interpersonal, analytical, and creative duties of Stackstone.

Marc Mariani

Chief Legal Officer

Marc grew up in the suburbs of NYC and spent many years living in the capital attending Albany Law School and working at the State Assembly.  He started his legal career in Tax, Trusts and Estates and now specializes in Landlord/Tenant litigation in NYC.  He has seen the changes in the real estate landscape first hand over the past ten years, working extensively in the Bronx.  He has developed many relationships with real estate professionals which aids in the acquisition and development of properties.  As Chief Legal Officer, Marc is responsible for reviewing all legal documents and providing an analytical point of view.


Everyone on the team has been buying and selling rehab projects on their own since 2013, in different locations around New York and Connecticut.  In 2015 we decided to join forces and start a company, and so Stackstone Group was formed.  It's been a lot of fun, a lot of long hours, and a huge commitment by everyone to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.  It's already been an amazing journey, and we're still a young company, but we're incredibly proud of the team, the projects, and the company that we've worked so hard to build.  We hope that we can work with you in the future, and we promise you'll find our energy and enthusiasm infectious.