If you're looking to rehab a bargain property, convert an abandoned warehouse, or build something from scratch, we've got the experience and the contacts you need.


REhab & Remodel

One of the quickest paths to profit is a good old-fashioned flip, and we specialize in rapid and affordable property turnarounds.  We can manage your project from start to finish, deliver accurate and reliable proposals to help you secure rehab funding, and source the materials you need from the best local businesses.  From flooring to roofing, electrical to appliances, we know the rehab business inside and out and we can help you make your project a success.



The opportunity to convert unused or historic buildings into mixed-use cash cows is quickly becoming the project of choice for savvy investors.  Our network of developers, legal professionals, and architects can help you get the permits and proposals you need to find and convert the right property while avoiding the pitfalls and roadblocks of doing it on your own.  Let us help you get your conversions done quickly and on budget.


New Construction

Sometimes the best thing to do is start from scratch.  New York and Connecticut are primed for fresh development, and all you need is a few good parcels and some funding.  We can connect you with the networks you need to find the land, finish the demolition, and source and execute the project from beginning to end.

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